2007-2008 Accountability Report

Sangre de Cristo S.D. Re-22J
Annual Report to the Public
January 27, 2009
I would like to take this opportunity to report the status of Sangre de Cristo’s educational programs in this annual accountability report. We, as a District, are constantly striving to provide a quality education for our youth. The school climate continues to be one of optimism and hope, and we welcome the challenges that lie ahead. The other administrators and I are continually striving to find methods and techniques that will enhance our academic performance. We recently received our School Accountability Reports (SARs) from the Colorado Department of Education, which is the State’s measure of our schools’ accomplishments.  The Elementary School, the Junior High, and the High School all received ratings of Average.
Although we made gains in a few areas, our overall CSAP scores were disappointing. The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has incorporated a Diagnostic Growth Model which supplements the overall CSAP scoring methods. While all schools in the District scored below the 25th percentile point in math (for proficient and advanced levels), the elementary and middle schools were above the state median growth percentile. The elementary and middle school students in the district were below the state median growth percentile in reading and writing. We are evaluating each area to determine how we can eliminate some of our shortcomings. We must show considerable growth in each content area, which will raise our overall district accreditation standing. The reading program at the Junior/Senior High School has produced positive results and will be continually upgraded. The Title I Program at the elementary levels enhances the learning environment for students that are struggling. To bolster our mediocre math scores, we are going to incorporate a CDE sponsored math program called Compass Learning, a product of Odyssey. We are starting to gather results from the two new assessment services that were incorporated last year, SCANTRON and the Educational Record Bureau (ERB). The SCANTRON tests provide immediate feedback in reading and mathematics to direct instruction in areas of concern. The ERB tests evaluate student writing skills and provide quick results to track individual progress. We will continually evaluate and monitor all areas to improve what is working, and changing or modifying what is not working well.
The entire Sangre de Cristo staff continues Staff Development in each core area of instruction to enhance an already strong instructional program. Workshops in curriculum alignment—imperative for guiding data-driven instruction—have been attended by all staff to improve CSAP scores.  CASB and CDE have presented workshops on the new Growth Model, which will give us a longitudinal view of how our students are performing. The ever-changing methodology of education, plus the new state and federal mandates that change frequently, require educators to continually upgrade their base of knowledge. We are committed to having a highly qualified staff in every field to offer the best educational experiences for our children. With the help and support of parents and community members, the Sangre de Cristo Schools are committed to provide the best educational opportunities in the Valley.
Striving for Excellence in Education,
Lynn Howard