The Sangre de Cristo School Board is currently in the process of updating our Policy Manual. This process involves two readings at a school board meeting.
1.       First Reading
a.       After the first reading, it will be posted here on the school’s website as a Draft Review for community and staff members to review and offer up recommendations for improvement.
b.      Please email Superintendent Brady Stagner at with your feedback on any policy that is a Draft Review.
2.       Second Reading
a.       After feedback is considered and integrated into the policy at a work session, the policy will then go through a second reading at a school board meeting.
b.      After the second reading, the policy is officially adopted to the new school board policy manual.
Below you can review the policies that are in the Draft Review state as well as the policies that have been officially adopted to the new School Board Policy Manual. *Please note that the sections without links will be updated as soon as those policies are under review and/or adopted.